RetroPie is built upon top of the Raspbian OS, which gives a lot of oppurtunities when it comes to playing around with other stuff on the RaspBerry Pi (more on e.g. native Netflix streaming coming in later posts).

My personal favorite script language is Python (comes with Rasbian), and here are a few packages which could be usefull for scripting…



If you’re behind a procy, you can use the following command to get pip for installing packages:

python --proxy=http://ACBRUKER:PASSORD@PROXYSERVER:8080/ --user




Plotly creates leading open source tools for composing, editing, and sharing interactive data visualization via the Web (

Pip install plotly



Pip install simplejson


Pip install requests


PyCurl (see also documentation on libcurl:

Pip install pycurl



GUI programming, perhaps not so relevant for your RetroPie (?)

Pip install pyqt

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