I’m good enough. I have done a lot of mistakes in the past, having a tendency to make bad decisions – sometimes it feels like I have an urge to do what’s bad for me instead of what’s good. But I have also done some good things in my life, even though I sometimes feel like I have simultaneously tried to ruin the good things in my life – as some unconscious part of my mind is telling me I don’t deserve any good.

I do deserve good. I do deserve to have the good things in my life. I do deserve to be happy and to spread my goodness to strengthen all relationships, also the existing ones which I currently struggle with. I have to accept that others have their own issues and problems, and that I can’t fix everything, and it doesn’t have to frustrate me so much and make me angry. I’m good enough, and all I have to do is to be there for them as much as I can, and to show my support. They deserve it, and I deserve to feel good about myself even if I can’t fix everything in this world. I’m good enough as I am, right now.


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