RetroPie setup (from Windows 10)


RetroPie setup

First install on RaspberryPi

Read and follow this…:


Enable SSH

You can connect to your RetroPie using SSH, e.g. with Putty.

To set up:

cd /boot

sudo touch ssh

sudo reboot now


Note on adding ROMS

You can find your RetroPie on your network, e.g. from Windows Explorer.

Right-click “This PC”, “Map network Drive”.

Select a letter for your drive (e.g. “R”), click “Browse”, go to “Retropie” and select the “roms”-folder.

Now you have a drive with folders for all your systems, where you can copy the ROMS from your computer to the SD-card.


Adding new system emulators

You have to go to //RetroPie/configs (instead of the roms-folder, so your previously mapped network-drive won’t get you there).



After adding ROMS, set up Scraper to fetch meta data (


Note that Scraper can now be installed from Additional Packages: